Chikitsa Sansar is going to start various projects. These projects are to facilitate our readers. We are regularly working on how to reach our readers in easiest possible way. Join us and see the opportunities opening its hands in front of you…

Our Plans…

  1. To start a module for our supporters in the website. Invest in us and we will make a blog or place for you in our website and let yourself be known all around the world.
  2. We have started our programs on “Chikitsa Sansar Research Center ” . We will be uploading the plans and presentations, regarding Chikitsa Sansar Research Center, at our site. Feel free to give us comments and your feedback at our site.
  3. You can also be the part of our program. Mail us at or We will love to discuss our plans with you.
  4. Invest in us and enjoy the gifts offered to you by Chikitsa Sansar Organization like
    1. Advertisements in Chikitsa Sansar Newspaper.
    2. Your articles in the newspaper and magazine.
    3. Free Monthly Chikitsa Sansar Magazine
    4. Free Chikitsa Sansar Directory.
    5. Lots more….we just dont end here…
  5. Plans on Samman Samaroh 2011 has already started. We will be uploading the proceedings. So keep yourself nailed with the informations. Dont be ignorant about it. :)
  6. Your participation and support in Samman Samaroh will be appreciable. Help us to create the History on the land of Lord Mahakal.

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